Secrets Of The World’s Most Devious Martial Art: A Parable

Regular readers may remember a passing reference to human history’s most devious martial art, and a promise that, with patience and proof of your own worth, its name might be revealed to you. You are still not worthy. However, the Discipline Whose Name You Do Not Yet Know teaches its adherents through parable, aphorism and koan; the following parable illustrates one of the discipline’s guiding principles.

The master said “Always carry a handful of sand.”
Pupil asked “Why, master?”
The master threw a handful of sand into Pupil’s face. Pupil screamed and clutched at his eyes.
“Come, my student,” the master said. “I will take you to the river so you can wash out your eyes.”
The master led Pupil to the banks of the river, and Pupil heard the rushing water. Slowly the master helped Pupil crouch down next to the river.
“We are here,” the master said. “Open your eyes, and move your hands, so the sand can be washed away.”
Pupil did so. The master threw a handful of sand into Pupil’s eyes. Pupil screamed again, at shock and pain renewed.
Always carry a handful of sand,” the master said.

Here ends the lesson.

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