Design 101: Your First Lesson


How to make the best logo ever:

  1. Start with an alligator.
  2. Make him look a little coked-up.
  3. Give him a tough merchant-marine tattoo.
  4. Have him hoisting a shipping container(!) on his shoulder like an old-school boom box.
  5. Put your company name on there somewhere inobtrusive, and maybe some kind of basic geometrical accent… it doesn’t matter. You have the alligator, man. The ALLIGATOR.

Thank you, Mitsui O.S.K. Lines India. Thank you. Can you get me a deal on a full-size high cube container that hasn’t shipped anything caustic or poisonous?

Please consider MOL-India for all your freight transportation, logistics, and/or IT needs. I receive no compensation for this post.

3 thoughts on “Design 101: Your First Lesson”

  1. cap says:

    actually, it’s a japanese company. the dude who designed the logo, ryohei yanagihara, was something of a famous graphic artist back in the day and is now an honorary “captain” of the shipping line. google him. he’s awesome.

  2. The.Hairy.Skeleton says:

    Thanks, cap! Consider him googled.

    Mitsui didn’t seem a terribly Indian name to me, but the address I found was for Mumbai. My research skills are clearly rusty.

    Also, thank you for not being Russian spam.

  3. I always did think that alligator looked coked up.

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