Should You Read The Hairy Skeleton?

You have many content providers to choose from, and we thank you for choosing The Hairy Skeleton. Obviously, The Hairy Skeleton believes you are using your time and resources with maximum possible effectiveness and utility every time you apply your eyes and brain to its imaginary pages. However, if you are a natural skeptic, you may need more interactive and calculated proof. To that end, The Hairy Skeleton offers this helpful diagnostic questionnaire.

The thirteen questions you are about to answer have been carefully prepared to control for all possible variables and determine your degree of liking The Hairy Skeleton. Your liking-ness is then expressed as a percentile, which is a kind of mathematical expression used to indicate price discounts and terrify or encourage schoolchildren. The typical percentage scale is employed, ranging from zero (representing a contemptuous inversion of The Hairy Skeleton, incapable of liking this site and its contents) to 100 (representing an entity so congruent in its qualities and values with The Hairy Skeleton that it would be virtually indistinguishable from The Hairy Skeleton, to which we say politely: back off, doppelgänger.).

Your raw percentile score will be provided at the end of the questionnaire, along with the opportunity to request an expanded analysis. If you choose to engage in a deeper understanding of your liking-ness, The Hairy Skeleton salutes you in your quest for self-edification. If you abstain, we respect your choice to live in ignorance. No matter what you decide, The Hairy Skeleton is certain this exercise will reveal the answer to the question:

Should you read The Hairy Skeleton?

First, tell us a little about you:

I am:

I attended:

My best friend would describe me as
(if you have no best friend, use a pet):

Physically, I am often categorized as:

My political beliefs are best described as:

Now, tell us about the things you think you like:

Of the following, I would most enjoy:

I am most likely to laugh at:

I often read:

My favorite music is:

If asked to name the movie I would want to have on a desert island, I would say:

Finally, some questions specially written to overcome your self-awareness, circumventing your attempts to provide the "right" answers and thereby revealing the real truth about your tastes and most secret desires (though we probably shouldn't have told you that):

Trope is to motif as:

Art is:


You have completed all the questions. Press "Calculate" to tabulate and quantify your results, or press "Reset" to undo all you have wrought and pick again.

You are in the percentile of liking The Hairy Skeleton.

Expanded analysis.

If the cold, mathematical beauty of percentages leaves you wanting a human opinion, full of ambiguities and (most importantly) more words, you may request a personalized Expanded Analysis by filling in the fields below. However, proceed with caution: you may not be ready for the unvarnished truths such a rigorous personal inventory may reveal.